The Harlem Rhythm Band was born in the foggy and freezing valleys of south-eastern France more than ten years ago. From the beginning the band was made of musicians crazy (but they are treated) about swing jazz from the 30s and 40s, sophisticated arrangements, vocal and the Cotton Club legend.

Over the years, the band has been playing a lot in clubs, festivals and recently for swing dance festivals which are becoming increasingly popular worldwide and all the time looking for bands which play in the swing jazz style of american mythical orchestras.

As written by J.-P. Daubresse in the « Jazz Swing » magazine: « The Harlem Rhythm Band brings a bit of freshness in the middle of overplayed swing jazz ». The band reputation has continously grown because of the quality of its performances, the talent of its musicians who are considered to be among the best in France, their love for real swing jazz and finally, their taste for « entertainment ».

The HRB is a serious orchestra which likes having fun …

The musicians

Musiciens Jazz Swing Grenoble

Ivan Baldet


Simply one of the best swing saxophone player in France !

Plays regularly with the American sax legend, Scott Hamilton, when he comes to France.

Often on the road with his quintet featuring Michael Cheret on tenor sax and Olivier Truchot on piano, to pay tribute to Scott Hamilton and to the Zoot Sim and Al Cohn quintet.

Teaches saxophone and leads masterclass in the Grenoble area.

Pierre Fournier

Trumpet/Alto Sax/Arranger

Originally a pianist, he taught himself the trumpet to busk on the French Riviera during the summer and in Paris in the winter.

Start playing the saxophone after the shock of hearing Daniel Huck with the Orphan Celesta.

He has played with many swing bands in the Grenoble area, in Sweden where he lived during five years and during the years he spent in Hong Kong.

He is the HRB arranger.

Yan Lemaire


Multi-instrumentalist Trombone-Tuba-Trumpet-Recorder.

Went from the HRB Back-line (Tuba) to the Front line (Trombone) the day the band decided to play the swing repertoire only.

Laurent Chofflet


Jazz history bluff.

Fan of Jo Jones.

Drum teacher in Grenoble area.

François Clément

Dobro Guitar

String instrument collector: Guitars, Banjos, Mandolins, Ukulélés and ... Dobro guitar.

Started the music in bluegrass and country bands before deciding to play swing jazz only ... on Dobro guitar only.

Musiciens Jazz Swing Grenoble

Jérome Chartier

Double Bass

Double bass and Guitar player.

Plays in many gipsy bands of the south of France.

The Harlem Rhythm Band guests

Aude et Pom

Dance with the Harlem Rhythm Band for the ``Dancing at the Savoy Ballroom`` show

André Wentzo

Plays Double Bass and leads the Harlem Rhythm Band for the ``Back to the Cotton Club, the music of Duke Ellington`` show

Swing Jazz Musician France

Swing Jazz Musician France – Harlem Rhythm Band great team of musicians

Swing Jazz Musician France – You have to come, listen and watch the Harlem Rhythm Band musicians. They are authentical Swing Jazz lovers, great entertainers and just among the best Swing Jazz players in France !

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